Saturday, December 4, 2010

Something Exciting

If have been absent for quite some time now, but I just listened to something exciting this morning and wanted to pass the information. As you know I listened to a lot of self-help teleconferences and some of them are extraordinary. This is one of those.

I listened to a teleconferenced sponsored by Darius M. Barazandeh with Wendy Robbins. Wendy went from homeless to a Millionaire and now spreads her practice all over the world. She really hit the vibes on the head and how we are ENOUGH. So many of us feel we fall way short of what we really are. She has CDs out that you can listen too when you go to bed that will change your subconscious and beliefs and will make you a more I AM ENOUGH person. Also, she has a book out - Why Marry a Millionaire - Just Be One. If this is something that resonates with you, just go to --

Saturday, February 13, 2010

New Beginnings

Well world - I have been gone for a while but just wanted to catch up. I am going through a new phase of my life and it is good.

Today, I just want to tell you about a class I go to and see if it may resonate with you. I belong to a group with Freedom Webinars, Bob Dignard-Fung. He is a remarkable mentor. Today his topic was How to Succeed. He showed several videos, a DVD and talked about what we need to do to be successful. Things like 1. Have fun, 2. Passion, 3. Surround you self with good people - like minded, 4. Try new things - this is something that scares all of us.

People that succeed have the Right thoughts, Right emotions, Right focus and the Right action steps. It is unbelievable how a person can feel when watching people that have these qualities. At the end he showed a DVD about the starving children in Africa. His message for this DVD is to compare yourself with these children versus other people that you think may have a lot of STUFF. Puts a whole new picture on the subject. We must be grateful for all we have - We are soooo blessed.

I read an paragraph the other day and I am sorry I don't remember when, but it went something like this: If you look at your live of all the things you have, you have more then enough- If you look at your life of needing more, you will never have enough.

If you are interested in this type of training, just go to:

Have a Wonderful Day

Friday, July 25, 2008

Wonderous Days

Hello Everyone!

Got a tell ya what happened today - I usually listen to
My V M Team Blog Talk Radio on my morning walk. That means down load the recordings and take my ipod and go walking. Well today, I decided to actually participate - I actually got on the telephone and talked with them - What A Rush!

Have you ever commented on a radio? Well this is my challenge to you - In the next 30 days, listen to a talk radio station (one of your choice) and get back to me with your results. Tell me if it was a RUSH or Not. Of course this is your choice to do it or not, but I dare you. Let me know what station you participated in so I can go and listen to your Brilliance.

As Stephanie says

You Don't Fail Because You Don't Make It - You Succeed Because You Tried"
Quote by
Steve D'Annunzio of Magnetic Freedom

Have a Wonderful Day!

Carole Percifield - Google Me

New Sites All The Time

Today I listed to the My V M Team Blog Talk Radio show dated 7/21/08. They talked about free sites to build web sites and discussed forums in depth. They indicated how important that forums are in the world of Social Media Marketing, Social Networking, Team Virtual Marketing. All you have to do is listen and then take ACTION!

I didn't know they had free sites to help you build web sites - that goes to show you how inept I am on the computer. Also shows you how thrilled I can be to learn these new things. It just keep growing and growing.

If you want to learn anything about the internet, be sure to check out my V M Team.

Have a Wonderful Day!

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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Test Drive

I keep forgetting all that My V M Team does for us. Today, I listened to Blog Talk Radio and there it is again - right in my face. They test all these great programs for me and all I see is the end result. I guess I don't appreciate the effort they put into this research before I get it.

If I had to test all these programs, it would never get done. Even if it did, I won't get the best results out of them. First off, I wouldn't even know where to go to get the programs to test.
My V M Team has different people looking in different areas to test. We only see the end result.

I have to tell you that one of the latest programs we have the opportunity to join will change my life forever. I cannot believe the income I am receiving in just a short time. I guess I would call it a miracle.

If you would like to listen, just go to
You can pick any subject that would interest you.

Besides that, all the internet knowledge I have gained. What can I say?
I guess what I would like to do at this time is just say THANK YOU MY VM Team!!!

Have a Wonderful Day!

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Monday, July 21, 2008

Time for Motivation

OK - so today I listened to 2 Blog Talk Radio sessions,, - 7/11/08 & 7/14/08. It seems those days were for 30 minutes each. That works great for me - you see I listen to these shows while I walk every day. I walk for about 1 hour and this is wonderful to set my walk by.

Anyway, both these shows were about the same thing - motivation and determination. When you are doing business on the internet or any business, you have to believe in what you are doing. You should not pay attention to the nay sayers - they just bring you down. If you run into a hard time, just think of them as a learning experience. The universe is with you at these times so you just have to have patience. It seems that this is something that is hard to get your mind wrapped around.

These are some ideas when you are taking action on the internet with social networking, virtual marketing and blogging.

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Saturday, July 19, 2008

Training Anyone?

Hi - today I listened to Blog Talk Radio, session dated 7/11/08, today. Yeah, Thank goodness for recordings. What I heard was about blogs, new programs and updated information.

If anyone is interested in learning what, where and how on the internet - for FREE, no less. Not even a dime, dollar or peso - you need to go to This is for beginners and others that have been playing around on the internet for some time to experts. You will learn how to blog, virtual marketing, social media marketing and you will hear about new programs. This site has more information on it than you can grasp in one setting.

In the past I have spent thousands of dollars trying to learn about the internet so I could supplement my retirement income. Guess What? I got nothing but a credit card balance. Now I pay nothing and learn so much I can't describe it. Jim, Don and Stephanie have radio shows Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday- Jim has classes Monday, Wednesday and Friday nights.

You can go to and listen to one of the shows that may interest you just to check out the messages. If it resonates with you - Great. If not, what did you lose?

I am so grateful that I am a member of My VM Team, I just want everyone to be aware of it.

Have a Wonderful Day!!

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